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An electic car in charging

Solar EV Charging Installation Specialists In Northern Ireland

Are you ready to drive towards a greener future while harnessing the sun's power? At MSQ Electrical are your trusted Solar EV Charging Installation Specialists. Embrace sustainable mobility with our expertly installed EV charging solutions powered by solar energy from renowned brands like Solax and Sonnen. From home installations for electric vehicles to integrating solar panels seamlessly into your property, we're dedicated to shaping a more eco-conscious tomorrow. Our commitment to innovation and excellence empowers our customers to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying the convenience of electric vehicle charging at home. Join us in paving the way towards a cleaner, more sustainable future with our comprehensive solutions for solar EV charging. Trust MSQ Electrical for reliable installations that seamlessly merge eco-friendliness with modern convenience. From our base in Coleraine, we work across the whole of Northern Ireland, so why not call us today?

EV Charging Solutions: Charge Up at Home

Effortless Electric Vehicle Charging for Your Convenience

A man charging the battery of a white electric car

Charging your electric vehicle at home can be challenging. At MSQ Electrical, we prioritise safety and efficiency in every installation. Our experienced technicians ensure hassle-free setup, allowing you to charge your vehicle conveniently from the comfort of your home. No more searching for public charging stations or worrying about compatibility issues—our dedicated EV charging solution offers peace of mind and convenience. Trust MSQ Electrical to simplify the transition to electric vehicles, providing reliable and accessible charging solutions for your everyday needs.

Solar Panel Installations: Embrace Sustainable Power

Harness The Sun's Energy For A Greener Future

Take control of your energy consumption with our dependable solar panel installations. At MSQ Electrical, we're committed to empowering homes and businesses with sustainable energy solutions. Our team works closely with you to design and install a custom solar panel system tailored to your needs and budget. Whether aiming to reduce your carbon footprint or reduce energy costs, our solar panel solutions offer long-term efficiency and savings. Join the renewable energy movement with MSQ Electrical and embrace a brighter, greener future powered by the sun.

A professional installing solar panels

Contact MSQ Electrical On 07883 038976 For Solar EV Charging Installation Specialists In Northern Ireland

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